Capturing Music: A music portrait seminar and workshop

I am VERY excited to announce the first special guest bands of this seminar are Vanna and Thy Will Be Done.

Which means you will get to watch and then perform a photo session with Vanna AND Thy Will Be Done!

This is an ALL AGES event

The workshop will take place on Saturday January 21st and Sunday January 22nd in, and around the studio in Chicopee, Ma.

While most photography workshops and seminars start around $1,000 and up – I wanted to keep this open to everyone who actually needs or wants to be here, SO! Tickets are available for $250 for the 2 days, $200 for Hallmark Students, and $100 for those who have been to another of my seminars

Type of ticket

This seminar/workshop will focus entirely on doing portrait work with musicians. It will cover the process from setting up the photo shoot, scouting locations, posing, different types of lighting and lighting equipment for different situations, shooting endorsements, promos, CD layouts, Magazine layouts, as well as taking you through the process of what you do AFTER the shoot, invoicing, getting repeat business, etc.


The first day will be the seminar day, where all of the above is taught in the morning, then in the afternoon YOU will be doing mock-photo shoots experimenting with different types of lighting equipment, lighting set ups, poses, etc.. NOTE: I have also added a slight bit about lighting at concerts due to being asked so often to include it here.


The second day will be a hands on photo shoot of special guest bands done first by myself, so you can see me work a full shoot, then its your turn! you take over and do a real photo shoot with the band in various locations.


Tickets are on a limited first come basis. Get them while you can!


there will be free magazines and goodies for everyone attending.


Please note: Tickets are non-refundable.


For a more general music photography seminar/workshop – please check out the Gage Young/Jeremy Saffer DVD: A NEW LEVEL

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January 28th & 29th 2017
Los Angeles, California
The Music Photography Seminar and Workshop