Corpse Paint Fine Art Nude Photography

UPDATE: new site, new photos! – the calendar is still available (click the link to the left) – and fine art prints will be available again soon! I am wrapping up the project soon and it will hopefully be going into print in the near future as a fine art coffee table book.

Keep checking back for more updates in the coming weeks

So here it is.. the new project I’ve been working on but keeping as top secret at possible…For those who know me or follow my work, I work mostly with bands, and dabble in some fine-art photography, and being that black metal has had the longest tenure as my favorite genre in metal, it made sense to somehow cross the paths of my work.

The way this all started was a quick shoot for NLSL clothing, in which I had a model shoot nude in corpse paint for a shirt design, and while she was in the corpse paint we did a ton of shooting, and I loved it.

So after a very hectic and heavy fall season of shooting, I was able to focus some time on shooting for this project over the winter. However, because it was winter, I was pretty much stuck shooting only in studio. I wanted a lot of these photos to be on location, in creepy locations, the forest, whatever I could do to make it a bit different.

The reason I kept this project so top secret was because I didn’t want to announce anything until I was able to shoot a few models out of studio, and I also didn’t want anyone jacking my idea.

I am shooting this project in a few ways. I am shooting fine-art and fashion style nude images with corpse paint – very elegant, standard poses…but also shooting very metal/creepy poses – so theres a good mix of traditional and non-traditional posing for both genres.

All models did their own corpse paint design, which I think is cool, rather then just ripping off a design from darkthrone, immortal, etc.

I am not sure what the end result will be, at first I just wanted to do a calendar but I’ve shot nearly 20 women for it, so maybe this will turn into my next book (if theres enough interest)

Anyway, with that said, check it out (by clicking the the link to the left), I hope you enjoy this crossover and keep checking back for updates.