Corpse Paint Fine Art Nude Photography

UPDATE: Currently seeking models in Jan in Los Angeles Area – email me for info

MODEL CALL: looking for anyone who wants to model, you do not need to be a professional model to shoot for this project. No tattoos/fully tattooed, doesnt matter. must be female 18+. please send an email (on the contact page) if you are interested in modeling. the shoot is free and you will get free prints of the shots that are used in the book.

I have been working on this project for the better part of a decade shooting hundreds of models from all over the world. Some well known models, musicians, actresses, some first time models, and many more have come together to create thousands upon thousands of images.

I am finishing this project between now and summer 2017 and going to print as an 11×14 400 page hardcover art book (its going to be a very large and heavy book). I will be doing a crowdfunding campaign for pre-orders (with special exclusives and extras including a limited edition version)

Keep checking back for more updates in the coming months

For those who know me or follow my work, I work mostly with bands, and dabble in some fine-art photography, and being that black metal has had the longest tenure as my favorite genre in metal, it made sense to somehow cross the paths of my work.

The way this all started was a quick shoot for NLSL clothing, in which I had a model shoot nude in corpse paint for a shirt design, and while she was in the corpse paint we did a ton of shooting, and I loved it.

I grew up going to the record store and sometimes buying albums based entirely on the album artwork. Many of those albums had nude women in incredible landscape photos, corpse paint, etc, which 9 times out of 10, usually lead to a pretty solid black metal or doom metal album. I wanted to recreate that in a way with this project.

So after a very hectic and heavy fall season of shooting, I was able to focus some time on shooting for this project over the winter. However, because it was winter, I was pretty much stuck shooting only in studio. I wanted a lot of these photos to be on location, in creepy locations, the forest, whatever I could do to make it a bit different.

I am shooting this project in a few ways. I am shooting fine-art and fashion style nude images with corpse paint – very elegant, standard poses…but also shooting very metal/creepy poses – so theres a good mix of traditional and non-traditional posing for both genres. in studio, on location, etc.

All models did their own corpse paint design, which I think is cool, rather then just ripping off a design from darkthrone, immortal, etc.

Anyway, with that said, check it out (by clicking the the link to the left), I hope you enjoy this crossover and keep checking back for updates.