Daughters of Darkness

Daughters of Darkness now available for pre-order on Rare Bird Books

Daughters of Darkness is a fine art project I’ve been working on for over 12 years. The foundation of the project and its inspiration is from growing up a huge fan of black metal / doom metal and its art work. I would go to the local record store, flip through cds/vinyl and i would buy ANY album that featured corpse paint, a nude woman on the cover (often time in the woods/landscape or in an occult setting. or a mixture of the two. 9 times out of 10 I would love the band/album while buying it blind just based on cover art/packaging.

Bands like immortal, Darkthrone, Cradle of Filth, Tristania, Gehenna, Theater of Tragedy, Marduk, Candlemass, and countless other black/death/doom/thrash bands had this style of iconic imagery that would often drive me to pick up an album regardless if i knew their music, or even knew who the band was. I wanted to recreate that feeling of flipping through records and finding THAT record in a visual way but the project turned out to be so much more than just that.

Being that I have always equally but separately photographed bands (for albums, magazines, promo, etc), and models (for fine art projects, galleries, books, etc) – this was the first time really crossing these worlds together into one. To me that was really exciting, being able to combine the two genres i photograph the most.

I always felt black metal (and some doom) had a beauty to it that other genres didnt and couldnt have. The melodies, the tremolo picking sounding almost violin like, the dark, cold, and grim atmosphere and evil voices cutting through it all… always my favorite genre, and i always found it sometimes brutal, evil sounding, grim, and beautiful… I wanted to try to put that affinity for black metal into this project.

I loved that these images show the duality of beauty and beast, light and dark, soft and harsh, beautiful and evil.

I photographed the project project in a few ways, shooting the models in a fine-art and even fashion style with corpse paint, but also more metal and creepy poses so the project has traditional and non-traditional posing/shots for fine art and for metal – shot in studio and on location/outdoors all over the US

The models ranged from personal friends, first time/only time shoots, professional models, actresses, musicians, celebs, many of whom shot for this project because of a love for black metal, a love for my work, or both. Most models also did their own make up. which makes it their own creation vs. copying Abbath, Mayhem, etc.

After 12 years, over 400 models, the project is finally coming to fruition in its physical form as an art book. Daughters of Darkness. Available now for pre-order.