Duality: The Business of Photography – Hunts

This is an ALL AGES event open to any photographers (pro, amateur, hobby, etc)
Please  note: Since this class is a seminar only, you can attend live in MA or streaming (via zoom) – both tickets are available
As a photographer you want to focus on creating images, but a camera is just as important as business practice and knowledge in the career of any working  photographer. From those who want to afford their hobby to those already who want to expand their income as a full time photographer, being successful is half  business knowledge and half photographic knowledge. The unknowns within the business side of photography can seem limitless, confusing, and  stressful when you only want to focus on creating.
In Duality you get not one but two successful photographers sharing their vast separate and combined knowledge of the business.
From the beginnings such as  breaking into the industry, getting your foot in the door, the ins and  outs of concert photography and touring, getting your work noticed and finding your  voice as a photographer to more seasoned knowledge such as how to  properly quote job rates, negotiate, read and write contract agreements, touring, and what conditions you need to make sure are met before you hit the road, how to best sell your work editorially and commercially  time and time again, even getting paid multiple times for a single job,  retaining clients and so much more.
Anabel and Jeremy will also cover the best ways to turn photography from a part time hobby into a career and what crucial steps you should take to get there, how to turn your work  into artist approved physical art that you can sell, how to properly  market both yourself and your work physically and online. Additionally, they will be going over some photography etiquette, how to create  additional revenue streams with your work, and making sure you are fully  protected from anything that could harm you or your career and so much  more. Aside from all of the good things, he will go over each and every  major mistake he’s made along his career and what he would have done  differently to correct it. Anabel and Jeremy will go over many hurdles they have faced  so you don’t have to, and will talk about all the hard times he didn’t  have to go through if they had the knowledge they do today. In this  seminar, Anabel and Jeremy will give you all the business tools possible to help  bring the blur that is the business of photography into sharp focus.
• Breaking Into the Industry
• Getting Published/Getting Paid
• Touring as a Photographer
• Setting Your Rates for Success
• How to Sell Your Images
• Making a Living with Your Photography
• Marketing Yourself and Your Work
• Contracts, Agreements, and Licensing
• Deliverables and Expectations of Work
• Creating the perfect client experience
• Booking the Shots you Want• Protecting Yourself and Your Work
• Creating Additional Revenue Streams in Photography• And Much Much More!
Anyone with an interest in photography will gain much from this  program as will anyone interested in the business side of photography.  While the focus of the business is music photography and music  portraiture, much of the business of photography is transferable.
ATTENDING LIVE OR ATTENDING ONLINE You can attend  this workshop live at Monarch studios or online via Zoom. 
ABOUT OUR WEEKEND OF WORKSHOPS WITH JEREMY SAFFER AND ANABEL DFLUX Duality is day 1 of 4 weekend workshops with Anabel and Jeremy.  Thursday is Duality, Friday and Saturday are Creating The Cycle, and Sunday is Oh My GOTH! If you would like to sign up for all four days at a discounted rate, make sure to choose the Four Day Option!
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