– Free guitar pick with every order!
– Free prints with every order (the more you order the more free prints you get)
– Black Friday Mystery Boxes (New boxes for 2023, Polaroid and band specific boxes, with Golden Ticket! more info below)
– Black Friday prints – first time prints dropping on black friday (see below for list)
– Gallery prints from past gallery shows (large print)
– Fine Art Giclée Prints – only 1 or 2 of each super high quality fine art prints of Ghost and Avatar
– Convention exclusives available online for the first time
– 25% off of custom prints (choose any photo you want!)
– Most prints 50%-75% off or more including autographed prints, and so much more! (see below for details)
– AP and Test prints from 2023
– All remaining clothing merch
– EARLY ACCESS available only to Patreon subscribers.
– and more!
I will be randomly inserting free  prints into orders (the more your order the more prints you’ll get in different sizes including autographed prints and out of print and never for sale prints from my personal collection)
I will also be randomly inserting free guitar picks into orders
if you want early entry to the sale and an additional daily discount to the store – Join my patreon at patreon.com/jeremysaffer – 
AA – one hour early
VIP – 45m early
Photopass – 30m early
Wristband – 20m early
GA – 10m early
We have piles of signed and  unsigned prints that havent been in the store all year, some from YEARS  AGO! they will be reappearing for black friday weekend only and most are  VERY limited. some there are only one of each.
The store will have its own black friday section which will replace the main page for those days.
ALL remaining past Wednesday 13,  Cristina, Ash, Alissa, Doyle, Nikki, etc. autographed prints will go  live for the black friday sale including many $1, $2, $5, $10 prints.  (current/new prints will alter in price)

POLAROID MYSTERY BOXES 2023! Each box includes 6x Polaroids which will be hand notated and signed by Jeremy as well as signed prints, unsigned prints, stickers and picks. There are only 100 polaroids total so there are only 25 boxes available. – one box will contain a studio-shot 1/1 polaroid signed by jeremy of ville valo, chris motionless, or andy biersack.

ALSO there are band specific Mystery Boxes. Each box includes a variety prints along with guitar picks. The band boxes are BVB, MIW, Ghost, and more! each box will include NEW never before printed photos as well as classic and well known photos and the chance to win 1/1 polaroids photographed and hand signed by jeremy in the last year.

All mystery boxes are $99 so youre getting at least DOUBLE, Triple, or more value with each box. Each box comes with ONE golden Ticket which can be a free photo shoot, a free book, a free seminar ticket, a free lesson, discounts, and more.

These boxes are ONLY available Black Friday Thru Sunday – they will not be available cyber monday

TEST PRINTS // AP prints // First drop prints.
– Ice Nine Kills – Autographed Prints
– Ice Nine Kills – Silver Scream Con pearl prints
– Silver Scream Con exclusive pearl prints (other artists)
– Andy + Ville (outburn test prints)
– Avatar (outburn test prints and more!)
– Outburn 100 cover art print
– BVB (outburn test prints)
– Ghost (outburn test prints + APs)
– MORE surprises, check on black friday to find out!

Here is the link to the store store.jeremysaffer.com
There are some hidden items in  the store for just $1 and some very special rare items… but you will  have to dig a little bit to find them.
The sale starts at midnight EST!!!! and will be friday, saturday and sunday – so please make sure to note that.
FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING (for orders over $200)
All sales launch at Midnight on  Black Friday and will last until SUNDAY. – we will have a cyber monday  sale as well but not all items and exclusives will be available.

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